All the Teasers tied together with a big fancy bow… I think there’ll be an interview running sometime later today that will give you all a bit more information… But this is basically my dream project.

I had a conversation with Scott back when I was just starting in comics, about 2 years ago. I told him that I wanted to start putting together my first creator-owned project. I had lots of ideas, but something he said stuck with me… If I could only write one book, what would it be? If there could only be ONE project that completely distilled everything I wanted to say in the comic book medium, what would that project look like?

I sat and thought about it for days… I started laying out the pieces. I love writing young, teenage characters and the angst of growing up. I love capturing the horror of the unknown. I love science fiction epics with deep mysteries that unravel over the course of months and years… Suddenly I saw the story clear in front of me. 

What if an average, ordinary Midwestern High School was transported into the middle of an Alien forest, with no sign of what brought them there, and no clear motive of why it had been done. How would those kids cope with that happening to them? What would they do to survive?

Over the course of a year, that kernel of a thought was developed into the project we’re announcing today. THE WOODS is everything I ever wanted to do in comics. It’s my most personal work yet, space monkeys and all. I’ve been so excited about the book for so long, and I can’t even properly describe how pumped I am for all of you to read it.

Like I said before - THE WOODS will launch in MAY of this year, with art by the amazing, incredible Michael Dialynas. If this sounds up your alley, tell your local comic shop you want to check it out! 

2014 is going to be an amazing year :D

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